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Here are the often-asked questions by members of our team new and those who have been here a while. 


What age can my child start classes? 

The youngest we can start taking gymnasts is 4 years old (they must have started full time education). 


What should my child wear for class? 

When they start out with Suki we ask for well-fitting sportswear, this can be anything from shorts and t-shirts, leggings, leotards. All girls must have their hair in a bun to prevent it from getting in the way of training. 


Should my child bring anything else with them? 

They should bring a bottle of water suitable for the length of their session. When the season changes into summer, your child might need a bigger bottle. On their first training session, they will be given their team card (however during Covid we will not be using team cards), they must remember this every session and once it is completed they'll be rewarded with a £5 voucher!! When you child moves through the classes they will be informed of any new equipment or attire. 


Are your classes insured? 

All gymnasts will need insurance from British Gymnastics, but don't worry we will explain this when you start. The club and all the coaches are fully insured. 


Are your coaches qualified? 

Suki coaches have a minimum of level 1 qualification with British Gymnastics. We have one Level 5 coach (High Performance) within the club along with coaches who are level 3 and 2. Within the team we have several adult helpers, older gymnasts and our leadership academy. 


Can parents watch?

During Covid-19 restrictions unfortunately parents are unable to stay during the sessions. When restrictions are relaxed we will reassess our badge watching weeks as explained below. Please note gymnasts will continue working through their badges during badge week with equipment that can be cleaned correctly. 

We have badge weeks throughout the year, please keep an eye on the club notice board and closed facebook page for information on these. The Core Proficiency Awards Scheme has been developed by British Gymnastics. The Core Proficiency Awards Scheme is built around 10 different types of activity – such as Strength, Jumping, Rolling and Balancing – with 8 levels of attainment. This makes it a great way for our gymnasts and coaches alike to build skills and recognise achievement. We encourage parents to support these classes and assist in their child’s development.


When are your term dates?

Our aerobic classes continue through the school half terms, whereas our general gymnastic classes only run during term time. We have our shut down over Easter, the first two weeks of August and Christmas. Please keep an eye out on our notice board, facebook page and website for additional information.


Can we book one to one sessions?

This can be arranged but would normally be used for gymnasts who are looking like they will move up a group, level, special event, new routine / skill development. Please speak to Su or Natalie if you require additional information on su@sukiagc.co.uk or natalie@sukiagc.co.uk 


What do we do if a child is not happy?

We have set procedures in place for any issue of any sort. The information for our welfare is on our committee page (welfare@sukiagc.co.uk), however more information can be found in our handbook and mini version of our code of conduct handed to you on day one. We also have a small purple box outside the gym (however during covid-19 restrictions this is not available) for you and your gymnast to utilise with pen and paper attached. This can be anonymous or you can write your name on it. Only our welfare officer has a key and they will deal with each enquiry correctly. The purple box can be used for positive comments or any concerns you may have. If you feel you need to inform the South Gymnastics or British Gymnastics of an issue, these details can be found under "links" on our website. 


Does our child have to compete?

We have a range of events throughout the year at the club and around the country if your child wishes to take part, however; we do not pressure gymnasts into competing and will always discuss movement of classes / expectations with you.


Can they compete in General Gymnastics? 

We currently do not take part in any general gymnastic competitions. Our competitive discipline is Aerobic Gymnastics. 


What is Aerobic Gymnastics?

Aerobic Gymnastics is the most energetic of all the types of Gymnastics. Routines are performed either individually or in groups of two, three, four or five. If you have energy to burn this is the perfect sport for you. It involves performing high intensity aerobic movement patterns to heart pounding music. 


What is IAC Gymnastics? 

Suitable for all ages, Introductory Aerobics incorporates flexibility, strength and stamina, and gives gymnasts the opportunity to learn new skills and perform alongside their friends.

A new competition framework for 2018, Introductory Aerobic Code (IAC), has also been developed to enable participants to compete alongside their friends in teams of three to six. 

Once Completed Gymnasts can be selected to move into our other competitive teams. 


What do I do if I want to help the club out?

Please come and see us or drop us an email to natalie@sukiagc.co.uk! There is always something to do within the club, from setting up events, helping with classes, fundraising, assisting the clubs committee with development, sponsorship ideas, the list is endless. 


How much is it to attend?

Our monthly fees start from £15 per month depending on how many days and hours they train a week. 


When and how do I pay fees?

These are paid on the 1st of each month, and no later than the 7th of every month into the club bank account. Any payments made after this date that are not authorised will have a late payment charge of £5 added to your account. Details of our bank account can be found on the bottom of our emails, club notice board and on day one of attending class. 


What happens if my gymnast starts half way through the month?

We ask you to pay each session as you arrive for that month. For example, if you train on a Wednesday and there are two Wednesdays left, you will pay each of these as you arrive to drop your gymnast off and arrange your standing order for the next month. 


Who do I pay when I arrive?

Please come and see the adult on the register outside the gymnasium. They will inform you of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Our invoices are emailed to you monthly from Xero. We prefer payments to be completed via BACS as this is easier to manage during Covid-19. Any non authorised late payments (after the 7th of each month) will have a late payment charge of £5 added to the invoice. 


What is the closed facebook page? 

We have two facebook pages. One for the community to see what we are doing and achieving (open like page) and a closed page for the parents of our club. It is imperative you are on this page as we communicate a lot of information through it.

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